Stress is a very common part of modern living but recognised as a key contributor for serious illnesses. Symptoms can include poor sleep, panic attacks, low mood and an inability to think or concentrate. Sometimes people will use alcohol for food to try to manage their mood but this can have disastrous consequences.

In fact 1 in 4 GP appointments are for stress anxiety symptoms and so you are not alone. The NHS provides a good level of support through medication, talking therapies and often people have found Hypnotherapy a valuable addition too.

We will use calm and effective techniques that you can use for yourself to regain control at anytime.

Using Hypnotherapy we can quickly and effectively manage things and regain control.


Throw away those scales!  These sessions will change the way you feel about food.


We will focus on self-control, getting away from a diet mentality, snacking and bingeing, feeling more energy and finding this new you.

Most of the people I see for this are experts in healthy eating having been members of diet clubs for many years. The good news is that there isn't really anything else to learn - we are just going to put it into practice and make healthy eating an AUTOMATIC choice!


We will tackle both boredom and emotional eating together with the big issue - HABITS!

We can also help with Bulimia and Anorexia, often this is in addition to help from your GP and other specialists.


The latest Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques will be used too give you an OUTSTANDING chance of quitting this expensive and serious addiction.

We are all only too aware of the costs of smoking to both our health and finances - the average smoker spends over £4000 per year on tobacco and loses 10 years of life.

Over the years I have seen some life-long heavy smokers and have a fantastic success rate at helping them to stop in just ONE appointment.


I regularly see patients who have developed problems with things including alcohol, gambling and drugs. I have a super success rate at helping people to regain control.

Often the addiction can start very slowly but can become an obsession and have a huge effect on your daily life.

The impact on family and friendships can be huge but there is help and a solution available. The support from family is very helpful whilst trying to make these changes.

It is thought that over 15% of the population is struggling with some form of addictive behaviour. So you are not alone and help is available.


Many people, especially young adults, can feel less confident than they would wish.

Anxiety and low self-esteem can all play a part with slowing progression at work, building relationships and making friends. 

Help can be readily provided for job interviews, driving issues and tests together with help within relationships.

Often changes can be noticed in just a couple of appointments. So quick progress can be made.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping people to build their confidence and self-esteem quickly and permanently.


Many of us experience troublesome or intrusive thoughts but when these become persistent they can have a serious effect on our wellbeing.

These vary hugely between people but can include counting, cleaning or repeating words or actions. In addition sometimes they can become physical or nervous habits.

Often they can be an indicator of other stresses or worries in our lives, alternatively they can be life-long habits.

Eventually, if left unresolved they can have a significant effect on our daily lives. Do not worry, help is here.


Sleep is a very important way of our body restoring itself each day.

Often people can get into a very unwelcome habit and find that they are unable to get a full nights rest.

Generally people fall into one of two categories, those who can't fall asleep and those who wake in the early hours of the morning. Whilst the treatment varies slightly due to the cause and effect - both can be helped and progress is usually recorded in a simple sleep diary.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at quickly restoring a natural and healthy pattern.


Hypnotherapy has been approved by NICE for the treatment of IBS to help patients to make a return to a more normal life.


We focus on both the pain, anxiety and the more embarrassing aspects to this problem to make clear steps forwards.

Often patients are suffering with frequent and urgent needs to visit the toilet together with pain and discomfort.

Recently, clear changes have been noticed almost straight away with most patients.


Please get in touch so we can discuss how I can help.


Almost everyone has something that they are scared of? Maybe spiders, snakes, or emetephobia (fear of sickness). Often you can manage but sometimes extra help is needed if it is stopping you doing something that you would enjoy.

Please call for help.


In addition I regularly help with a variety of other issues including helping Children with eating or behavioural issues, 

Also I help people undergoing Cancer Treatments, Blushing, Pain Relief, Bruxsim, Driving Confidence and Public Speaking amongst others.