From Laura Mawdsley

Dr Bradley is absolutely fantastic he helped me thru a very difficult time and was much more than a hypnotherapist always warm and welcoming and nothing is a problem we worked through a lot together and would certainly reccomend him to anyone!

From Tony Lainsbury

Have received great help and support from Richard for more than 18 months. I experience repeated spells of low mood, anxiety etc. not helped more recently by major surgery and consultations with him are a big factor in keeping me going.

From Connor G

I would recommend Dr Bradley as he has helped me to feel more confident in myself. He is a great listener and he is very understanding. If you have to rearrange an appointment it’s never an inconvenience for Dr Bradley. He always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed before during and after the session. He takes great interest in the wellbeing of your family and yourself.

From Juliet Caird

I suffer from the chronic effects of organophosphate (sheep dip) poisoning. This is a neurological disease which affects the brain and various other organs. I have migraines and some mental health issues, including cognitive problems, mood swings and bouts of rage, as well as some physical problems. I have attended regular hypnotherapy consultations with Dr Bradley over several years and have found be highly professional, genuinely compassionate and very helpful. He took time at the beginning to take a very detailed history, to enable him to know what he was treating, and although I rarely recall what he says during the actual time of hypnosis, it always feels like a very relaxing and refreshing sleep! I strongly believe that it has helped me a lot over the years, mainly to be more mentally balanced, to control my temper (originally a serious problem) and to cope with the stresses of life and work and indeed to allow me to work effectively. I believe his therapy also helps me to deal with the pain of the migraines although not completely eliminating them. Before each hypnosis session we have a talk about what is going on in my life. Dr Bradley is a very good listener and always sympathetic. This in itself is very therapeutic as everything we discuss is confidential so I can 'let off steam' about any situation in the full knowledge that it will be kept private. One of Dr Bradley's attributes is that he has extremely good insight into human behaviour and very often helps me ro see things more clearly. I work with a lot of individuals and businesses. If I'm having problems with one of these, he often tactfully explains things from the other person's point of view and steers me towards an understanding and a sensible way to resolve a situation which I had been unable to see for myself. While this is done by conscious conversation before the actual hypnosis, I truly value this part of the therapy. Although I only meet Dr Bradley in his professional capacity, he has become a very good friend. In addition to the skills described above, he has a very good sense of humour. Sometimes, when my situation feels very dire, between us we manage to see the entertaining side of things, which completely changes my outlook. I have named these sessions 'laughter therapy'. I am convinced that Dr Bradley's therapy for mental health issues, at least in my case, is infinitely better than any medication. In conclusion, Dr Bradley has been an immense help to me over the years. I originally had a lot of quite serious problems which were causing physical pain as well as affecting both my relationships and my ability to work effectively and, without a doubt, I have been helped by him. I cannot recommend him highly enough and I always look forward to a consultation with him.

From Melanie McMurdo

I cannot emphasise enough the help Dr Bradley gave me through a long and very difficult period of my life. The use of hypnotherapy & behavioural therapy combined with his ability to be compassionate, understanding & always positive were second to none. I cannot recommend him highly enough & will be forever grateful.

From Isaac Stewart

We first met Richard several years ago via our GP.We asked him to spend time with our son who we thought might benefit from this, we were so right he now sees Dr Bradley on a regular basis and the benefits are there for all friends and family members to clearly see. But most of all Tom likes Richard and is aware himself of the improvements that have been made over a relatively short period of time. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP

From Deborah Mulvey

I was in a very dark place in my life and I was lucky enough to meet Doctor Bradley he listened never judged. I was functioning and putting on a smile every day at work then locking myself away at night, he helped me enjoy life again start seeing friends and to be strong - amazing man

From Max Gibson

Dr Bradley never fails to make me feel reassured and safe when dealing with my worries. Thanks to all his hard work, I’m happy to call him a friend. Highly recommend!

From Philip H

Dr Bradley has great empathy and I have felt able to bring any issue or topic to a session for discussion. He has shown me how to gain greater autonomy and develop strong boundaries so that I no longer people please in the way I used to. A new way has opened up for me, free of past limitations. I highly recommend Dr Bradley to anyone who wants to live more fully!

From Sally Bradshaw

Dr Richard Bradley is an exceptionally good listener who has the amazing skill of allowing you to express your feelings . He provides you with the opportunity to relax and chat before beginning the hypnosis session, which is tailor made to your needs. His compassion and understanding helps to put you at ease before the hypnosis begins. The general feeling of well -being and relaxation after the session is fantastic . I would highly recommend !

From Ollie Wallace

I contacted Dr Bradley after suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, after a few sessions I can happily say that his help has been brilliant and things that would be a trigger previously for these things are no longer an issue. Its helped greatly at work and I'm happier for it.

From Angie Neil

Dr Bradley’s help enables my daughter to control her anxiety so she can live her life with much less panic. He takes the time to really listen, make her feel comfortable and at ease. His help has actually helped our whole family.

From S J G

I had issues in my past holding me back preventing me from enjoying the present and looking forward to the future. Taking the first step was the hardest thing to do, Dr. Bradley instantly put me at ease and made the whole healing process feel normal and at points enjoyable. He has been and continues to be a very important part of my life. Helping me to make sense of the past and ensure it does not define the present. I am personally so glad I found Dr. Bradley. The only regret I have is I didn’t find him sooner

From Ricki Lamb

My anxiety is massively reduced. I am looking forward to what the future holds for the first time in a long time. Easy to talk too and non judge mental. Puts you in a safe environment and the therapy works.

From Miss Mulvey

I received hypnotherapy from Dr Richard Bradley after a bereavement and a very difficult time in my life that resulted in disturbed sleep/insomnia. The insomnia was having a very negative impact on my life. Hypnotherapy was an excellent alternative intervention compared to taking medication. Hypnotherapy worked really well for me from the outset, improved sleep had an immediate positive effect on all aspects of my life including energy levels, mood, and diet resulting in an improved physical and mental well-being. I found Dr Bradley to be professional, caring and understanding but most importantly the hypnotherapy was effective. I would have no hesitation in recommending his service.

my grateful thanks for your kind words